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We have made major investments into our data science capabilities and data infrastructure to ensure our clients get the best experience in the business. We’re experts in not only managing and analyzing your data, but also in visualizing it to make your analytics easy to understand. We’re recognized experts in this space, which is why so many outside firms, campaigns and issue organizations use our data products to help them make smarter decisions. 


We match political and consumer with the best onboarding partners to ensure some of the highest match rates in the industry. But we also know where all the weak spots in that approach are and layer it with data-driven geo and inventory choices to make sure we reach all or your targets whether they match or not. 


We build custom turnout and persuasion models to give your campaign an edge. With access to decades of national voter and consumer analytics our internal data science team builds sophisticated models to find your campaign the efficiencies it needs to win. 


For just $100 a month you can track all public digital advertising data on any race in the country.

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We provide custom early ballot reporting that matches cast ballots to any polling or modeling to let you know not only who has voted, but where your campaign stands on any given day. 


We’re experts at building lists that will give your campaign an edge. We study and work with the best data vendors to find the donors who will help win your race – and make sure you get the data for the right price. Plus our data team will work throughout the campaign to maximize your list through our internal reactivation techniques. 


Data analysis is built into everything we do. Even if you aren’t using one of our data services, we are constantly studying every campaign’s internal metrics to find optimization for any program we run for a client.


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